NOIATT Releases "Camomila" Beat Tape

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Play "Camomila" By NOIATT

NOIATT's 'Camomila' Beat Tape is out now on VMN Music!

NOIATT, producer and MC based in Lisbon, an artist with a strong aesthetic component resulting from his delivery and creative consistency in his works, whether instrumental or vocal, NOIATT does not follow the common patterns of Hip Hop’s classic or modern constructions, he’s able to operate in versatile ways while evidencing a concise awareness of the message he brings, from the most complex to the most simplified.

NOIATT has unique skills and a particular approach to achieving his sound, which is yet evident in his latest release "Camomila".


"It can be said that this album “Camomila” is a sequel to my first album of instrumentals entitled “Sono”, said NOIATT about his latest album. "Most of these tracks are created before going to sleep, that's why I gave these names to the albums. More precisely, "Camomila" comes from camomile tea, which is one of the teas I usually drink before bedtime (not a deep meaning ahahah). These instrumental works of mine are always more “laid back”. Most of the instrumentals are sampled based and some have lo-fi characteristics. The choice of samples is cautious, I try to choose samples that will lull the listener, so yes, the title has an indirect relationship with the tracks", he added.


Camomila was produced, mixed and mastered by NOIATT.


Twitter: @Noiattmc

Facebook: /noiattmc

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