New R&B Artist, Sunny Morgan Announces Debut Single “That Feeling”

New R&B Artist, Sunny Morgan Announces Debut Single “That Feeling”

From West Philadelphia born and raised comes new R&B artist, Sunny Morgan, with her debut single “That Feeling.” The track, produced by TheBlackLighterz, features punchy lyrics about breaking off an unfulfilling connection with someone.

“That Feeling” is a personal recollection of Sunny’s love life (or lack thereof). In the song, she details the wave of emotions when realizing a person’s true intentions and deciding to move on. The song was written in less than an hour, which was an indication that Morgan needed to take this song from her iPhone notes to the studio.

The song’s main ingredients include laidback drums and light, airy vocals reminiscent of 90s vocalists like SWV and Aaliyah - two of Sunny’s biggest inspirations.

Sunny Morgan always knew she would end up singing. It was evident from her first performance ever – a summer camp talent show at age 9 singing “Fly Like a Bird” by Mariah Carey. A kid having the guts to tackle those whistle notes, she knew she had the guts to pursue music later. After getting a degree and working toward a career in Broadcast Journalism, Sunny decided to put it all on hold to explore what could truly fulfill her. After leaving singing in her childhood, she is ready to bring it all full circle again and follow her dreams.

“That Feeling” is set to be released on October 16th, 2020. After the release, Sunny plans to hunker down and record her debut EP.

Connect with Sunny Morgan:

Instagram: @MsSunnyMorgan

Twitter: @sunnyymorgg

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