New Music Video: Jonquia Rose - "I Found Love"

New Music Video: Jonquia Rose - "I Found Love"

Texas born, Mississippi raised but California fortified is the best way to characterize

singer/songwriter Jonquia Rose. Currently a resident of Los Angeles, California this

talented singer has dedicated her life to constructing meaningful commentary through


Her latest single "I Found Love" is a testimony that perfectly describes where she is

after overcoming the drama of becoming a single mom. Quia, as referred to by close

friends and family, incorporates southern sensibilities into her music and the outcome is

an audible bouquet of honest, genuine, heartfelt, factual, intentional, fun, intellectual,

sexy and sometimes unexpected displays of lyricism.

A singer since the age of six, Jonquia attended rehearsal with her mom, who was a member of the legendary Mississippi Mass Choir. On several occasions the choir director would be surprised at how well she sang with the group. At 9 years old, Quia began taking vocal lessons and later (after a relocation to California) she was trained by Jackie aka Baby J of the group Lyric, who are recognized as the first female trio to sign to Clive Davis’s now defunct J Records. Not one to shy away from formal education, Jonquia took it upon herself to enroll in LACC where she studied music and psychology. Later she completed a dental program in Dallas resulting in her becoming an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant).

In terms of relaxation and enjoyment, R&B, Gospel and Blues are innately her music of

choice, but she also finds solace in motivational speaking, water sports: jet skiing and

kayaking as well as writing which she says clears her head. There are several layers to

this multidimensional talent and the climate is perfect for an artist like Jonquia Rose.

Her music will create change as well as conversation that will heal, help and inspire. If

you’re ready to enjoy quality R&B music with a familiar but new perspective, Jonquia

Rose is here for you.


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