New Brooklyn Folk Singer Beth Henderson Debuts New Single, "Wild One"

New Brooklyn Folk Singer Beth Henderson Debuts New Single, "Wild One"

New Brooklyn based folk singer-songwriter Beth Henderson has unveiled her debut

single “Wild One,” available on VMN Music since this Friday, October 2.

Written and performed by Beth Henderson with production and instrumentation by

Julian Giamo, “Wild One” is an acoustic confession of love and surrender during the

age of coronavirus, and a pensive exploration of what embracing fear can lead to.

“I wrote ‘Wild One’ sitting on a porch in upstate New York on my 30th birthday,

waiting on my COVID lover to return with wood for our fire. We had met during the

early stages of quarantine when the stillness of the city gave us all the time in the

world to discover each other,” Henderson recalls. “But by mid-June, the whispers of

our former lives were starting and our differences were beginning to show. Instead of

calling it, then and there on that porch upstate, I asked what is love with no

expectation? What does it mean to meet your lover where they stand, differences and

all, to surrender control and to face the wild?”

Beth Henderson is a folk Americana singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. With

a sound that flips easily between grounded assuredness and crystalline vulnerability

(reminiscent of Laura Marling, Liza Anne, and Gillian Welch), Beth writes songs of loss,

love, and relationships that just don’t quite work.

Born in Delaware, Beth first found her way to music through theater and began to

perform once moving to New York City, at venues including Rockwood Music Hall, The

Wolfhound, and Gold Sounds.

Beth Henderson is expected to release more singles in the coming months, with a

debut E.P. "Questions" slated for early 2021.

Stream Wild One below!

Connect with Beth Henderson:

Twitter: @bahenderson

Facebook: @bahenderson

Instagram: @thisisjustbeth

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