Neo-Soul/Pop Artist Sierra Blax Releases New Single, "INYIM (It’s Not You It’s Me)"

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Singer-songwriter Sierra Blax is an artist that brings a fresh taste of soul, chill-pop & R&B to her music. She recently released her latest Neo Soul/Pop track single, "INYIM (It’s Not You It’s Me)".

INYIM is a playful admission to Sierra's life being somewhat a hot mess as she navigates her mysterious mind through the city of LA, trying not to break any hearts, including her own. Her hook, "it's not you it's me" is a classic way of her saying "I got issues but get over yourself."


INYIM is a playful yet sassy tune that tells a story of all the dysfunctions that Blax portrays. If you're into astrology, it's basically based on the life of a scorpio and all its glory. The production is hands down a vibe with a funky bassline and grove. The new track was produced with Tim Rose (co-writer and producer) and it features a tight rhythm section of Art Johnson on Drums (Skyler Steckler), Orlando Thompson on Bass (Eric Gales), Tim Rose on guitars (Allen stone, Sophistafunk), and D on keys.

Born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Sierra uses her landscape of palm trees and ocean breezes as inspiration for her lyrics and melodies that give the ear this elated feeling. It is no surprise that she grew up honing her craft through weekly singing lessons with local voice teacher, Debbi Scarpell. It was then when she was introduced to Motown artists and soul music that helped shape her sound she has today.

After high school, she attended the music program at the University of Hawaii and studied vocal performance. She described her experience in music school as difficult and uneasy. “I had to learn how to sing a completely different way than how I was taught - there were moments I really wanted to give up.” Fortunately, for Blax she didn’t.


During these times, Sierra grew inspiration to write songs about the wild experiences she would encounter in her early 20’s. “I wanted to write songs that were unapologetic, fun and audacious; we are so used to female singers sugar coating things, and I wanted to represent that female empowerment in my songwriting.” Blax wants to show people that it’s ok to make mistakes, embrace it and turn it into a comedy and art.

Today she is still inspired by the classics that shaped her, but she is also embracing what the new age R&B sound is molding into today. "Although I am inspired by power-house singers like Jazmine Sullivan and Amy Winehouse, I am really loving how singers today are using the airy and subtle sides of their voices. This new style has definitely ignited a change for me and my sound. It forced me to use my soft/ falsetto voice more often and helped me discover new melodies that are digestible to the listener."

Currently residing in Los Angeles, she is spending a lot of time in the studio writing and creating original music. Her newest single, “INYIM” tells a story of all the dysfunctions that Blax portrays. The production is hands down a vibe with a funky bassline and grove.

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