Mychelle & ENNY's Stunning "Forbidden Fruit"

Hackney-born singer, songwriter and guitarist Mychelle has unveiled her stunning new track "Forbidden Fruit" featuring fellow English rapper ENNY.

Markedly more buoyant and rhythmic than Mychelle’s previous releases, "Forbidden Fruit" is a bass-driven track and the latest single from her upcoming EP Someone Who Knows which is set for release on May 20th.

Sonically recalling the work of neo-soul songstresses India Arie, Tweet and Vivian Green, "Forbidden Fruit" emits the ambience and mood of a peaceful summer afternoon. Lyrically, the song details the moral dilemmas that arise when one falls for someone they know isn’t good for them and the complicated feelings that consequently rise to the surface.


Lending guest vocals to the track is fellow FAMM label-mate ENNY who adorns the song with a majestic rap verse. The newest addition in ENNY’s recent string of features, following her freshly-released collaborations with Shae Universe, Odeal and Boj. The resulting collaboration is a perfect marriage of Mychelle’s acoustic soul sensibilities and ENNY’s supreme rap stylings.

On linking up with Mychelle, ENNY shares, “Such a pleasure to be part of this tune Mychelle made something beautiful and it’s an honor to grace her art.”

The accompanying visual is directed by Portia Barnett-Herrin and follows Mychelle as she’s strolling through a park late at night where she is curiously enticed by a strange light that leads her to an alternative universe. Soon she’s face to face with a version of herself she doesn’t recognize, engaging in a high-stake game of chess before completely disappearing. The video’s narrative is further complemented by visually rich collage sequences placing an emphasis on the sensory draw of fruits and flowers.


Speaking on the new visual, Mychelle said, "The lyrics imply that there is a love interest, which there is, however in the video we decided against it and instead focused on my part to play. It showcases me being lead into a place that I’m not familiar with. It’s as if I am toying with myself which is what it can feel like when you keep going for something/ someone, even when you know deep down it isn’t right for you”.

Born and raised in Hackney, Mychelle first picked up a guitar aged 10, but put it back down again shortly after, before returning to the instrument at 17, when she quickly began making a name for herself busking around the capital.

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