Music polymath, Christina Wheeler Releases Poignant Full-Length Album, "Songs of S + D"

Berlin/Los Angeles-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist, Christina Wheeler, shares her poignant full-length album, Songs of S + D, out now on Archodia Play.

Over the twelve tracks, Wheeler personalizes the full spectrum of universal emotions, examines the human experience, and contemplates existential questions through blending vulnerable, honest songwriting with her own distinct "soul-gaze" sound–a combination soul and shoe-gaze.


While built out of personal experience, Songs of S + D allows Wheeler to observe the human condition through a necessary, discerning lens. With extensive instrumental and compositional knowledge, Wheeler uniquely melds genres, pushing beyond a conventional understanding of sound as she uses everything from electro-acoustic instrumentation, which she interpolates with analog and digital electronic processing, to metal tines of the African kalimba to the autoharp.

Throughout much of her work, Wheeler explores the porous, delicate lines between universal dichotomies such as good and evil, life and loss, and elation and devastation.


Songs of S + D distinctively asks what it might sound like to fuse the sounds that surrounded Wheeler in her childhood, from soul, to R&B, funk, and disco, with shoe-gaze. The album's recording process took place between Red Bull Studios Berlin and New York City, as well as Berlin’s Vox-Ton Studio. Wheeler expanded the record’s scope and quality with several collaborators including Melvin Gibbs, (electric bass) Marque Gilmore (drums, programmer) and Marika Hughes (cellist). Additionally, Joe McGinty and Kelvin Sholar added synths and synth bass lines, while Christian Prommer, Antonio Pulli, Simon Goff, Chris Tabron, and Evan Sutton engineered the recording. Veteran engineer Scotty Hard mixed the album, and Michael Fossenkemper mastered the recording.

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