Morgen Announces Debut EP, Shares New Single "Sweet 16"

Morgen Announces Debut EP, Shares New Single "Sweet 16"

17-year-old bedroom pop newcomer morgen announces her debut EP UNACCOMPANIED MINOR is set for release on December 3rd via Avoca Drive/Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Alongside the announcement, morgen has released her latest single "Sweet 16."

Featuring morgen’s quirky adlibs, bouncy bedroom pop production and lush layers of guitar and synth, "Sweet 16" magnifies the heartbreaking disappointment of a landmark birthday, made worse by pandemic isolation. Written by morgen, Matthew Kahane and Emery Taylor the day before her 16th birthday, which was at the beginning of quarantine, morgen was feeling as though she was missing out on “the teenage experience” and was longing for a sense of normalcy.


morgen shares, “I wrote a song to convince myself that parties and being social sucked because even if I could go out and party, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. That being said partying isn’t horrible…all of the time haha."

Having garnered the attention of Zane Lowe and Sir Elton John with previous singles ‘3D’ and ‘Odd One Out’, which also marked morgen’s official debut into music, the 17-year-old has had an impressive start to her career.

On the UNACCOMPANIED MINOR EP, morgen embraces jazzy synths, woozy vocals and the influence of alt-pop artists like Billie Eilish and Joji, while navigating the nebulous, and often isolating, experience of being a teenager in 2021. “Most teenagers, we feel like we're total failures because we don't know what's going on. We're just faking it ‘til we make it and have to put on a brave face,” she says.


The six-track EP explores morgen’s versatility and range, playing with everything from dreamy ballads to ‘80s-tinged California-pop. And while UNACCOMPANIED MINOR may fall into the bedroom-pop category, morgen isn’t quite ready to box herself into a sound. “I don't have a specific style because it always changes.” She knows one thing, though: “I’m never gonna write the same thing twice.”

Listen to the new single below:

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