Michelle Williams Talks Destiny's Child Biopic, Catching Ex Cheating on Social Media

Former Destiny's Child member, Michelle Williams stopped by the daytime talk show "The Real,' on March 14 as a co-host.

The ladies talked about if there would be a biopic for Destiny's Child and Michelle made know how she would want it to be created plus who she would want to her her. "As long as it’s told correctly and everyone gets to tell their story, be a part of it, I think it’s important. If you’re gonna tell a part of my life, let me in on it," she says.

Williams also went on to talk about catching her ex cheating. "I actually found out that someone I was dating for several years flew a young lady out while he was on tour because she was dumb enough to put it on her Twitter….I haven’t seen him since I took him to the bus station," she said.

Watch the clip below!

On her ex cheating:


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