Michael Williams's Latest Single "I Believe" Is The Perfect Reset Song

Michael William's Latest Single "I Believe" Is The Perfect Reset Song

"I Believe" is an outpouring of a believer’s stubborn love and persistent faith, delivered through an uplifting meld of inspirational tune, clean vocals, and contemporary soul amid the current state of the world.

In true gospel fashion, Michael Williams (MW) is deeply expressive in his new song yet full of a soulful quality that makes I BELIEVE easily find its way into the contemporary R&B/Soul genre, having that unique appeal for people who love their gospel with a little extra depth, much like the familiar sound of CeCe and BeBe Winans in ‘Addicted Love’ or ‘I’m Lost Without You’.

There is a certain cleanness and purity of expression in the lyrics, soulfully delivered with a quality of innocence that tugs at the heart, “I will love You anyway, even when I cannot explain all the things You have done for me…..I will seek You everyday, I’ll give it all to follow You and I know You have made a way for me..”, a stubborn profession of faith underscored by the clean and uncluttered blend of instrumentals reflecting the introspective nature of ones spirit in communion with God especially in these hard times.

I BELIEVE is full of a driving purposefulness and a resolve to bring others to a unique understanding of grace, bringing them to stand in the truth that MW is certain of; explicit in these lyrics, “I will share You anyway, even when they cannot explain all this grace and love You have for them…”.

A simple, beautiful, and reassuring song, the clean contemporary and deeply expressive inspirational sound of I BELIEVE, makes one want to echo its powerful and haunting lyrics, “I know what I know...I believe that You have worked it out for me..” and in the midst of all the troubles that plague us in the world today, truly and really believe this with hope renewed, deep in our hearts!

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