Mia Grace Sets Release Date For Her Upcoming Single

Mia Grace Sets Release Date For Her Upcoming Single

Encouraged by artists like Brandy, Ne-yo, and her late father Prince Be of P.M Dawn, after releasing three r&b fueled singles, Mia Grace is unraveling a sultry dynamic story as she makes her Latin pop debut with the upcoming release "Love Language" slated for October 1st, 2021.

Known for her charming love songs, lush vocals, and reassuring voice, Mia is unveiling a new side of her artistry. “Love Language” is a vividly colorful anthem that tells a light-hearted story with a central theme. Set to be released October 1st, the title of the song broadly describes its message.


“I don’t speak Spanish but I know te amo”. Describing Love as an independent language understood by almost everyone today, the singer conveys her heartily feelings about her small knowledge of Spanish although she can still say I Love You. The production introduces itself as a mashup of classical Spanish guitar and latin drum grooves, with a modern production flair that holds up against any of today’s modern Pop hits. Mia’s vocals are front and center, and as sensual and smooth as ever, with lyrics that pivot around the predicament of falling for someone who doesn’t speak your language. Just like in her past tracks, Mia has successfully packaged her layered thoughts and delivered them into a compelling sound enjoyable by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Mia Grace (born on January 16th, 1998 in Manhasset, New York) is a pop, R&B, singer, songwriter renowned for her debut “Stuck,” released back in 2020. Music has always been a part of her lifestyle as the daughter of the world-eminent artist Prince Be of P.M Dawn and music industry mogul Mary Serra. She started writing and recording professionally at the age of thirteen.


Currently, Grace has three songs to her discography: “Stuck,” “Wait,” and “Sleep,” available on VMN Music. Her story-driven, metaphorical lyricism creates something fresh and original. Inspired by the likes of her father, Aaliyah, and Minnie Riperton, Mia Grace seeks to create music that will connect people. The talented artist wants to push the envelope with her sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. Her melodic sound is characterized by her soft vocals and occasional raspy soprano tones.

Like famous stars; Quincy Jones, Charlie Puth, Wyclef Jean, and Korn star Shane Gibson, Mia Grace is also presently enrolled in the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She is using the time to really hone in on her sound and master her current projects. Grace is studying every aspect of the music industry with the aim of making a significant impact. Mia Grace has a mystique and effortlessness that translates to her music, as her craft is steadily growing she shows much promise as becoming an essential figure in modern pop culture.

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