Meet Frankie B | Listen To His Latest Singles, "Swim" And "Motion"

Meet Frankie B | Listen To His Latest Singles, "Swim" And "Motion"

Frankie B is an independent rising artist born and raised in Charlotte, NC. from the south. His style of music is a smooth Neo-Soul and R&B inspired by OutKast, Eryka Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jodeci, J Cole, H.E.R and more, but has no trouble shifting swiftly to Lyrical Rap, Hip-Hop, POP, and Contemporary and a Lo-Fi mood. He is all about life, love, peace, and realness, and puts it all out in his lyrics! That sweet southern melody always meets his raw and unfiltered view of life.

His latest Album SWYM which stands for "Say what you mean" features his latest singles "Swim" and "Motion". O the later, a smooth jam that talks about keeping things flowing, making sure they are moving whether in a relationship.

In the first half of the song Frankie talks about how he knows a shift of energy in the relationship, and that his significant other has been acting “cold” and it is affecting his mood as well. But Frankie needs to keep things in “Motion” it’s too late to break anything off he feels strongly to move forward despite his aggravation and apprehension. He regrets even falling in love and trusting this person after all and feels he made a huge mistake putting all his eggs in one basket.

Frankie B's writing skills is displayed in Motion. A new songwriter is born!


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