Meet Detroit R&B Artist Ahmad

Updated: Mar 25

Meet Detroit R&B Artist Ahmad

Detroit, Michigan, body-positive R&B artist, Ahmad is making strides with his signature R&B voice. Ahmad is a singer, artist, and one stylish entertainer. He promotes self-love and body positivity throughout his social media and music.

Ahmad is prepping the release of new songs on January 15th. We had a chance to have a chat with him to talk about his coming release, music and more.

Hello Ahmad, thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to talk with us today, to reach out to your fans and let them know a few more things about you and your music.

Hey! It’s so good to be talking with you guys today! I’m excited to give you the insider edition of what we got going on (Laugh)!

Ahmad! Who is Ahmad?

Ahmad is an r&b and soul artist that wants to speak to the people directly! I love to share my experiences through my music. Everyone goes through good and bad and I really think my music can do that.

Tell us a little more about what inspired you to a musical career.

What inspired me to pursue a musical career actually started when I was in the third grade. One Sunday morning, my mother gave me two options. One option was to go to church and be an usher on the usher board. The other option was to sing in the choir. The catch was, I only had one car ride to church to figure out what I wanted to do! I was super lost and confused (Laughs), but I finally made up my mind when I realized that the lady who ran the usher board smelled like mothballs! I remember walking into church and join the choir. A few Sundays later I had a solo and the rest was history!! 🤣🤣

Your latest double releases, "Effort" and "Follow Back" are making waves right now. What is the story behind the songs?

Great questions! I am really excited for the double release of "Effort", and "Follow Back"! These songs are a representation of my life before marriage and maturity and the wild night life I used to know! "Effort" is a song about me growing and maturing in myself and realizing that I need to put in effort for myself to create an image that I truly am comfortable with. "Follow back" is a song about, well it’s pretty self-explanatory (Laughs). This song brings up a time in my life where I was all about having fun. I wasn’t concerned with the feelings of others at the time (laughs). It was a very “love em and leave em” phase in my life (laughs)!

Talking about double releases, how did you come about this decision for your fans?

I’m glad you asked that! So a double release was something that I thought would really allow me to hit the fence with a sort of double consciousness I spoke on earlier that I wanna portray throughout my next project.

Promoting self love and body positively through your music, how does this describe you as an artiste?

I am a huge fan of this! I am very active on social media about getting healthy and understanding that health is wealth! I spent a good amount of my life being unhealthy and I finally decided to do something about it! I think it helps me as an artist because it keeps me accountable with my fans. It’s also a situation that most people find themselves in and I wanted to put out a song like “Effort” to remind them that they can do it! They gotta know that they gotta do it for themselves or it will never work!

Who are your favorite musicians and how did they influence your music and style?

Yo! I have so many favorite musicians it’s really hard to choose! But, I can definitely give you a few of them. So off top, Michael Jackson inspires me to write and break barriers! Then, there’s Ne-Yo! Ne-Yo is the reason I actually started writing music. I remember hearing this song called “ So sick“ on the radio and thinking that I could do that as well. There are also some new artists that I enjoy listening to as well! I am a huge fan of pink sweat$, Frank ocean, and Trevor Jackson! I actually got Trevor Jackson and pink sweat$ to comment and like some videos on my page and that made me go crazy (laughs)!

Are you currently working on any new music at the moment?

I actually have a project in the works now that the double release is helping kick off! I am really hoping to release this year! I want to pull out a full length project with at least 12 to 16 songs on it!

What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far?

I think my greatest challenges so far is figuring out how to stay consistent in a ever changing market! This microwave generation makes it crazy hard to maintain longevity in this business.

How do you define success as a musician?

I define success as putting out projects that speak to people and motivate them to live better lives!

Outside working in the studio and making music, What do you enjoy doing most?

I love the movie theaters. Ever since I was a little kid going to the movies, getting that popcorn, and that surround sound really takes you on a fantasy ride away from reality for a few hours.

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

In 10 years I would love to be all over the world! Truly giving my music to the world and being able to share my motion and allow them to express their feelings through my songs. I’m married now, so hopefully I’ll at least be raising the first kid by then (laughs).

Any advice for the younger generation aspiring to become musicians?

Right music that makes you feel good on the inside and can be relatable to a multitude of people all over the world! Give the people a feeling that they can’t get anywhere else!

Where can we find you online?

You can follow me on IG at @officialahmadmusic

Also follow @ahmadentertainment to keep up with shows and new music!

Thank you for having me on for this interview! I am excited for the project to drop and hope you all tune in to what we got going on!


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