Meet Camille Paige | Listen To New Single, "Honest"

Meet Camille Paige | Listen To New Single, "Honest"

What isn’t there to love about Camille Paige?

From her warm and “bubbly” personality to her beautifully self-controlled voice, Camille is sure to leave you with an impression you won’t forget!

Born in Detroit Michigan on July 23rd, the Urban R&B singer, songwriter and vocal producer was made aware of her vocal talents at the tender age of 3. She wrote her very first song, “In Love with You” at 5 years old. “I was too young to know anything about loving a man,” Camille laughs, “But I was so inspired by the way that I'd seen my mom love a man, that this song was my attempt to put what I saw into a vocal picture.”

Camille’s mother, Tiffany, was the one who cultivated her talent. Rehearsing with her after school and placing her in talent shows, Tiffany was Camille’s biggest fan and supporter! “The gift was always in me,” say’s Paige, “but my mother nurtured a passion for music on the inside that won’t die for as long as I live... that passion keeps me going when I want to give up on life, and I thank her for that.”

The R&B songstress painfully suffered the loss of her mother in the summer of 2005, right before her freshman year of high school. “Every time I think about her I get emotional.. because i feel like life cheated me” says the singer, “ I try not to think about her.” Despite this and many more pains that follow her, from multiple tragedies to betrayal and heartbreak, Camille hasn’t missed a beat… literally! From writing pop songs like “Mirage" to Urban R&B songs like her latest release “Honest,” the Detroit sweetheart is capable of doing it all and doing it WELL. Talk about versatility!

Camille Paige — Honest - Single

Although those who have witnessed Paige’s voice are reminded of Tink, Brandy, Jhene’ Aiko, and Coko of SWV, the soft-spoken R&B Singer maintains a uniqueness about her voice that send chills up the spines of her listeners. For instance, that one time she made Grammy-nominated producer DoRohn Gough (Ne-Yo, Day26, Janet Jackson) almost fall out of his chair! “It was so funny to see him react to my music that way. Especially his facial expressions!” Camille recalls, “Creatives call it the "stank face.” She laughs, “It looks like they smell something stinky, but the facial expression is evidence of the music doing something to them on the inside that the body can’t register, and it manifests as 'the stank face.” Check out DoRohn’s “Stank Face” on YouTube.

Camille continues, “ What's crazy is that I remember being a struggling night club waitress and hearing ‘Champagne Life’ by Ne-Yo come on all the time. Before the beat even dropped I was ready to ballroom!” Paige chuckle’s, “So to think that I would be in the studio with the genius who produced that record, and to witness him react to my music that way… it’s truly unexplainable.”

Camille has recently collaborated with the “Champagne Life” hit-maker on songs that are scheduled to be released this summer. She gives credit to her co-writer’s Russel IV & Marcus Devine (Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, Kelly Price, Xscape, Charlie Wilson, Mario, Monica, Day26) “I don’t even know where to begin with those guys.” Paige says, “I feel a type of way because there's not even enough time in a day for me to speak on those two.” Camille explains, “For now, I’ll just say that I’ve been thoroughly blessed to even be in their presences and to have them involved with this project.”

Listen to her latest single below!


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