Maximizing Streaming Revenue on Archodia Play

Updated: May 16

Simple steps to grow your Archodia Play presence and let your fans find you!

Having your music playing on Archodia Play is one thing, making sure your fans find you is another. Find below simple steps to enable your fans and music lovers to find you and your music, hear it first while improving your streaming revenue on Archodia Play.


1. Claim your Archodia Play music profile

Because Archodia Play partners with numerous distribution companies, your music must already be available for listeners. Claiming your music profile will enable you to take control of your catalog on Archodia Play, update your artist information and profile photo anytime, set your tour dates, start collecting streaming, and get a verified artist badge so that your fans know it's you and more.


2. Update your Artist information

The next phase after claiming your music profile is to update your artist information. Go to your Music Manager Dashboard, and select the "Update Profile" option from the menu tab.

Your artist profile photo will be visible to your fans. Make sure you have the most recent photo uploaded. Include your city, country, and social media handles. Update your genre, select all genres of music you play so that you will be available on the popular genres on Discover. Let your fans know a bit about you by adding a bio.

For how to update your artist information, see the how to access and manage your music in the Artist section of the frequently asked questions area.


3. Update your song information

Updating your song information gives your music more visibility. Go to your Music Manager Dashboard and select "My Songs" or "My Albums". Choose the song or album you want to update and ensure to do the following:

a. Update track or album Genre

Setting the proper genre for your album/songs makes it visible on our popular genre list on Discover. More visibility means more plays.

b. Update track or album Mood

Help your fans listen to your music based on their mood. Having the proper Mood set also makes your songs visible on Discover. We constantly are adding more music Moods for listeners. Ensure to regularly check.

c. Set download fees

Entering your download prices gives your fans the option to support your music by downloading your songs for offline listening.

For how to access and manage your music, see the frequently asked questions section.


4. Update your Tour Dates

Let your fans know where you will be playing next. They can make your event bookings right from your Artist page. Go to your Music Manager Dashboard, and select the "My Events" option from the menu tab to create or edit your upcoming tour dates.


5. Pitch your song to playlists and DJs

So, you released your new song and it is now streaming on Archodia Play, but you feel like something’s missing. The answer is Playlists. Playlists are known to be the fastest way of growing your audience and increasing your streams, as they help you reach people who know about you, and people who don’t, yet.

For this reason, Archodia Play has developed a way that enables artists to directly pitch their songs for curation via Spotlight Hub. You can submit a pitch request for your new release to playlists and DJs, specify its genre, mood & style, and a brief description of your song. Submit your request and you’re good to go!

As part of our upgrade earlier late last year, Archodia Play introduced live "Radio”. This newly introduced feature allows users to not only listen to auto-generated Artists' radios but real Live Radio stations on Archodia Play.

The Play team will review your request and act accordingly. If approved, you will receive an email informing you about the good news, and people following the playlist will receive a push notification!

You can also reach the Play support team on for assistance with your request.


6. Share your music on social platforms

Making music was your first goal, but now you want to go beyond making music: you want to be heard. We believe that social media plays a crucial role in developing your fanbase. Promoting your content on socials thus increasing your Archodia Play followers ensures that they all stay up-to-date with your upcoming releases, thanks to our push notifications that are automatically sent to each one of them. With that being said, sharing your content on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS will expose you to a new audience that has the potential to turn them into your fanbase.

a. Facebook and Instagram Stories

With Facebook and Instagram, sharing was brought to a whole new level. It now offers a smoother, more engaging experience that brings your music to life, through a story. Share your tracks playing on Archodia Play to your Facebook and Instagram stories. And links to your music and users will be redirected to play the full song when clicking on the story. Imagine the number of views on each story, adding up to the number of plays on your song.

b. Archodia Play Fan Connect

“Social users stream 33% more average daily seconds than active listeners”.

Our music community aims towards forming a social community around music genres, helping artists achieve their vision, and bringing them closer to their dreams and more importantly, their fans.


7. Promote your music

Now we’re talking growth. For artists that are willing to go the extra mile, Archodia Play has artists' discovery and promotional tools that fit their own music genre, vision, goals and the target audience they are willing to reach.

a. Archodia Spotlight Play

Spotlight Play is known to be a marketing tool dedicated to pushing your content on Archodia Play through multiple features based on the right targeting in relevant regions.

b. Archodia Spotlight Play+

Opting for Spotlight Play+ gives you multiple boosting features, which will expand your content visibility, exposure, and open the door to earning streaming royalties for your plays. Your song will be the first to get noticed due to the exposure that the Spotlight tools offer.

8. Archodia Play Buttons

Letting your fans know that your music is available on Archodia Play helps maximize streaming revenue. Download the Archodia Play buttons, add them to your website, and stream links.


9. Push notifications

Now that more people have discovered your songs, and you’ve gained more followers, our push notifications will ensure that none of them will miss any of your upcoming releases! You won’t need to text and call your friends once your release is out, we’ll do the job for you. Whenever your release is live on Archodia Play, each of your followers will receive a push notification that will allow them to stream your new song with a single tap.