Mashonda Releases Emotional 'Positive Distraction' Single

Singer-songwriter Mashonda, who has worked with Kanye West, Raphael Saadiq, and Swizz Beatz, releases the perfect soothing summer jam “Positive Distraction”.

Positive Distraction” is the second single from Mashonda’s Note to Self EP out this fall.

The romantic “Positive Distraction” celebrates finding your person. The New York / Los Angeles-based artist sings, “When we kiss I heal, you take me there, a place I didn’t think was real.” Co-written and produced by Mashonda and The Millennials, the emotional contemporary R&B track flutters with soft, palpitating percussions and irresistible, humming synths.


“Positive Distraction” is about a healthy, healing relationship. “I wanted this song to be about someone connecting with a person that makes them completely forget about anyone or anything that has ever hurt them,” Mashonda says. “Nothing else matters because this person gives you a whole new life, they rewrite what love means for you, what romance means for you.”

Fans of 1980s pop will love Mashonda’s nod to The Police’s 1981’s classic “Everything She Does Is Magic” which influenced part of the melody of “Positive Distraction”’s chorus. “I’m an ‘80s baby at heart,” she explains. “I was on my way to the studio and ‘Everything She Does Is Magic’ came on. It’s one of my favorite songs. I was singing it in my car, and when I got to the studio, I couldn’t get the melody of the hook out of my head. So, I played it for the producer. I said, ‘Give me a track.’ I started singing what became my version of that song.”


“Positive Distraction” follows Note to Self’s first single released in July, the well-received, sensual bop “Forbidden Fruit” (listen), and its equally rousing music video (watch). The EP is inspired by Mashonda’s romantic relationships over the past five years. “I’ve learned so much from my relationships,” she says. “There’s always a lesson in love or pain.”

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