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LOUIS COUPE — Unveils Spellbinding New Single: "Hannah's Got A Way"

LOUIS COUPE — Unveils Spellbinding New Single: "Hannah's Got A Way" || + London Headline This September.

Singer-songwriter LOUIS COUPE releases the sleek and sentimental new track: “Hannah’s Got A Way” (via Leafy Outlook).

A bittersweet take on ill-fated relationships, the new cut showcases Louis’ flair for mature and meticulous songwriting at its best. Setting his frank and cynical approach to life against honest and vulnerable bare-all lyricism, “Hannah’s Got A Way” feels comforting and calamitous all at once: reminiscent of those relationships we know aren’t quite right, yet just can’t seem to let go of.


Discussing the new track, Louis Coupe explains: “I guess the song’s like a broken-hearted love song; you just don’t know it yet. I think I wrote it to convince myself that we were in love and that we were compatible. You know that stage when you’re constantly wondering what’s going on inside the other person’s head and in the end you have to wake up to the fact it just isn’t working and you’re totally the wrong match for each other. “We broke up and I buried the song for nearly a year. One day I found it in my notes and thought I ought to finish it off, and doing so actually gave me closure and I started to fully move on.”

Laced with dazzling vocal melodies and rhythmic piano lines, the latest from Louis Coupe is a truly captivating piano ballad for our times.


From his beginnings as an outcast in music class, Louis Coupe has forged his own innovative path through a sheer passion for music. Fashioning together a diverse and experimental, yet timelessly classic sound, the songwriter channels the timeless songbooks of the 1970s into his introspective piano-led pieces.

After receiving a surprise ticket to see Elton John at the age of 12, a young Louis became instantly obsessed with the pioneering musical greats — The Beatles, The Stones and ELO. Spending hours searching for tutorial videos online, Louis set about teaching himself any instrument he could find.

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