LLOYD Unleash The Music Video For Latest Single 'TRU'

For once we thought he wasn't coming back after taken a lengthy break to pursue his high school diploma. Then he surprised us in May with a brand new comeback single, "Tru."

Now the R&B crooner Lloyd has unveiled the music video for the new R&B smooth track.

"Tru is about being a fighter. It’s about speaking truthfully and honestly on your life and not shying away from your imperfections." It’s really about embracing the idea that there’s never failure. There is only lessons to be learned and character to be built. I wanted to shed light on that and I wanted to go towards that light and not run away from it. I got with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, who produced the track and I wrote it with my good friend Shakespeare. It’s basically me bleeding my heart out to the music," said Lloyd about the new single.

See the new video below and request "Tru" on RNB Hits Radio - Top R&B N Urban Hits!


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