Listen To "Your Love" Latest Single By Angel Sessions From Upcoming Album

Atlas Entertainment First Lady, #AngelSessions has released a beautiful inspiring heartfelt ballad, "Your Love" to touch the hearts of many people around the world.

The American singer and songwriter continues to soar with amazing hits such as "I Know That You Can," I'm Who I Am," and many more of her great songs she has written. Fans of Angel from around the world share their thoughts via emails and social media about how they love and enjoy her songs.

Her latest single "I Know That You Can" views reached over 30 thousand on YouTube and 60 thousand and climbing on Vevo video streaming since of day of its released. Now comes the anticipation of her new single, "Your Love" available now on all online major stores, streaming services and RNB Hits Radio.

The single released April 27th 2018 is a song that's priceless. Angel wrote and arranged the vocals to this beautiful ballad. "I'm hoping this song will not only touch the hearts of many people, but that they will listen to the words of this song and understand the meaning behind it. It's a love song, and a song I wrote to my heavenly Father about His beautiful love, that means so much to me," Angel wrote about the new love anthem.

The team of Atlas Elite Entertainment adds their excitement about this amazing new single. Rodney Crews, one of the founders of Atlas Elite Entertainment quotes, "I am so excited for what is yet another smash-hit single from the legendary "First Lady Of AEE" Angel Sessions, which will wow the fans and yet, take them by surprise, by this being a great ballad!" "Your Love" will be a world-wide release on all online major stores and streaming services. Demetrius Guidry, another founder of #AEE quotes, "This song will surely touch the hearts and souls of many people.

Angel is an amazing songwriter who understands how to tailor a song that resonates to her loyal fans. Her crossover appeal allows those who have not heard her music, discover the hidden gem that she is." TJ, of TJ Speaks 2U and team of Atlas Elite Entertainment quotes, "Yes—the wait is officially over! The release of the highly anticipated new single "YOUR LOVE" by Angel Sessions - is now charting with the excitement and acclaim she so richly deserves. Angel's signature soprano voice has extended itself across musical genres over the years - to which her rich 'Gospel-Soul' sound now pays perfect homage. With the release of this latest installment, she assures loyal fans and new followers that her vocal stylings are pitch-perfect, and on point. "YOUR LOVE" has the gospel-derived intensity only performers of Angel's caliber can deliver. Currently, her new single is creating a buzz across all major distribution outlets worldwide.

Take a listen below.


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