Listen To Tiffany Villarreal's "Love Me More"

Listen To Tiffany Villarreal's "Love Me More"

#TiffanyVillarreal comes back with a brand new single titled "Love Me More."

Tiffany flexes her stunning vocals on the new stripped down production. An amazing female empowerment anthem that highlights the value of self confidence, worth and self love.

About the new song, Tiffany wrote:

"Not too long ago I was going through some relationship stuff, you’re thinking about all kinds of things. I think the main foundation and theme of it all was ‘girl you’ve got to take care of yourself, no matter what, you’ve got to love yourself more’. I think a lot of women, including myself at a time, I kind of lost sight of who I was and what I wanted. It’s kind of like you love this person, but you’ve got to love yourself more and remember your dreams and desires and your goals and the things that make you smile. That’s how this song emerged."

Love Me More is the first track from Tiffany’s upcoming EP called "Wildflower" which will release in February 2019.

Stream the new track below.

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