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Revel Day shares his latest collection of 15 unmissable records "Paper Love", packed with smooth melodies and Revel’s distinctive lustrous croon.

With touches of vintage neo-soul and a sprinkling of modern R&B and pop, Revel trademarks his own brand of alternative soul.


With an overt feel-good vibe and lyrics that are powerful enough to alleviate your pain and medicate your soul, Revel’s unforgettable sound is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings whilst simultaneously leave you feeling energized and uplifted. As you bask in the warmth of Revel’s rich, sophisticated tone and lyrical metaphors, you’ll notice a style and integrity similar to the likes of John Legend, Daniel Caesar, and a sprinkling of Troye Sivan. Touching on the delicate yet poignant narrative that carries his exquisite project, Revel notes, “If a paper crane can fly, then forever doesn’t feel that far”.

Discussing the meaning behind the project, Revel explains: "Paper is so special. We've all interacted with it, felt its strength and its weakness. Paper has held our secrets, and kept us company since our childhood. Love is the same. When I thought about that really, their similar fragility and flexibility moved me to song. This album mimics much of that mental revelation. This music celebrates the beauty, the tears, and the narrative of love. We all know that every story starts, on a piece of paper."


Singer-songwriter, Revel Day, has been singing professionally for the past 11 years. His music style is a unique combination of rock and R&B, which he refers to as “alternative-soul”. Revel has had the opportunity to sing alongside amazing talents, including artists such as: Pharrell, Andy Grammer, and Stevie Wonder. Revel’s first album ‘Church Boy’, made its debut in 2017. Shortly after, Revel released a second album, a passion project, with producer and long-time friend, Brad Tsushima.

Though his current music speaks for itself, Revel Day has been piercing souls with his sound since his grade school years. His talent goes beyond ability. His music provokes emotion, relates to the lonely, and heals the broken-hearted. Revel is ecstatic about what his future in music will bring and looks forward to a bright and adventurous future.

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