Listen To Mila J's 'August 2018' EP

Singer/songwriter and Los Angeles native Mila J closed out 2018 summer with her new 5-tracked EP, "August 2018."

The new EP is a representation of what Mila promised to give fans this year, good quality music. The first track of the new EP "Handsome," sees Mila informing her man that fancy things can't replace his love. "I don’t need the fancy purse if the only thing I’m clutchin’ in your hand," she sings.

She later teased her ex on "New Boyfriend," telling him he is better than you. "Can somebody tell him some things don’t last for forever, some things just last for a minute," she sings. "This love so deep you be in it / And then you look around you look around and ain’t nobody checking for you."

Listen to the full project below and share your thoughts.


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