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Jerzy Bulx brings Carmina Nos' new Pop song Break My Bones to a Deep House one, from a dark atmosphere to a party and energetic environment with power and strength.

The original song, heavily tied within the story, is a dark & fierce alternative pop piece, with intense electronic elements that help to convey through the lyrics one of the most obscure situations a human can face in his life.


The latest remix is the first song of Carmina Nos' new project 'CARMINA', a new solo project that was presented with an interactive story through her social media that crossed reality and fiction, about Carmina Nos being kidnapped by her new side of her, represented in her new alias 'CARMINA'.

Jerzy Bulx and Carmina Nos had worked together before on the song 'Let Yourself Go', a tropical and summer vibes song, the thing that made the connection for Break My Bones remix which was played for the first time on the radio Saturday 6th, 2021 at BBC by Steph Nieuwenhuys.

Jerzy Bulx has been in touch with music since he was a child. He started playing the guitar & some years later he got a KORG Monopoly from his father, making him have a special interest in electronic music.

He started composing Eurodance in 2014 and years later he moved to start making mainstream music. He also got in touch with Garage House in the party of a breakdance competition at age of 15. "Everyone was dancing," he said. "I didn’t know if it was the music or that everyone was a dancer… but I fell in love with that environment," added Bulx.


In 2017 he released ‘Wall Bang’, the single of his first EP ‘Space Trip’, released in 2018. This was followed by ‘Summer Nights’, his most popular song at the moment. Bulx was signed by Equatos Recordings in 2020 and wrapped the year up with 'U Should Take My Hand'.

As DJ he has played in clubs in the West Coast of Spain and moved to the East Coast to get a summer residency in Girona where he lived an experience that changed his vision of life. In this journey, he realized he could change his mind to enjoy things he wouldn’t ever think about. "Living there started being a bad experience but actually it became the best time of my life. I just had to enjoy every moment", he said.

One year later he played in 'Anthems III’, his first abroad set in Southampton, UK, where he also got

featured in radios such VoiceFM and BBC.

Click here to play "Break My Bones" (Remix) by Jerzy Bulx

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