Listen To Jaz Graham's, 'Distance Love'

Jaz Graham dropped her third solo work, "Distance Love" based on her real life truth. On the new ballad, Jaz takes us on a journey of memories that she possesses for her father.

"I am excited to be releasing my 3rd solo music project, explains Jaz. "This project, almost 3 years in the making , is very near and dear to my heart as it is about my father who resides in another state. Last year on the eve of my 18th birthday I received the call that my father was in the hospital for heart failure. I was devastated as I was unable to fly out to be by his side because of school. Months later after trying medication, his heart was operating only at 30%.

The doctors said that medication was not working and they would need to install a device in him to shock his heart rate when it drops below the norm. Again, yet another devastating report. So after getting several medical opinions, the surgery was scheduled. Sadly to say, I was yet again unable to fly out to be by my dad’s side through this difficult time as it was orientation for Miss California USA which I was a contestant for. My dad understood and told me to live my dreams.

Two months later after surgery, he was still not cleared to travel to see me compete in Miss California USA, but two of his closet sisters traveled to show their support. Now a new year and a month ago, he was rushed to the hospital because the device was shocking his heart continuously and the pain was unbearable. Yet another scare for me. However, my father continues to say, live your dreams and don’t worry about me. So this song is my dedication to my father for his strength in times like this, when I know in his heart he wants me there, but continues to encourage me to live my dreams out here."

Watch the video below:


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