Listen To Donnell Isaac Latest Smooth Single, "Table"

Listen To Donell Isaac Latest Smooth Single, "Table"

Portsmouth, Virginia born and raised upcoming singer/composer, Donnell Isaac's new latest single "Table" of his recent EP, Love Changes is a smooth jam played for that special one on a special occasion.

"Music brings life and awareness to the situation. It also brings healing. The fact that music speaks a universal language”. These are the thoughtfully-crafted quote which inspires him to create grandiose music which is resonant of his beautiful voice. The evolving talent, Donnell Isaac is known for creating soul-piercing, distinct, timeless and peerless music.

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, the singer and composer began his journey at a young age, composing his first song at the age of 16. He nurtured a great passion for music and with time became an intrinsic part of him. As a young boy growing up in church, he joined the choir and also sang in other groups within the church. He moved on to create some great hits which became a remarkable part of his music career.

Donnell Isaac was gathering momentum, and he soon caught the attention of record label Executive Bernie McLean. He signed him for a distribution deal with Indie Charts/ Kingdom Records in 2010, which is the home of Shekinah Glory. After that, the career of Donnie C, now known as Donnell Isaac has grown by leaps and bounds. He had his first major hit with “Shelter From The Storm”, which dominated the radio BDS100’s charts for more than 16 weeks.

His follow up single was a remake of ‘I Won’t Complain’ from the late Rev Paul Jones, which landed him his first win in the 2014 Chosen Voice Awards Tampa FL, as the ‘Best New Artist’. With such phenomenal success, early on in his career, it is no wonder that the career of Donnell Isaac has come such a long way in such a short time period.

Donnell’s music is greatly influenced by some of the world’s renowned singers, the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Ronnie Dyson, Angie Stone and Anthony Hamilton. Music isn’t the only thing that Donnell is talented in, as he has made appearances in front of the camera on TV with “Law and Order” and in the movie “My Brother”. At the moment, he is working on his 3rd studio project and the launch of his record label.

Donnell’s music is dynamic and lives up to the hype- it gets better with repeated play.


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