Listen To Chaka Khan New Single "I Love Myself" feat. B. Slade

R&B great Chaka Khan has released a brand new single, "I Love Myself" featuring singer/songwriter and producer, B. Slade.

The uptempo track is the first official single released under Khan;s newly founded indie record label, iKhan Sounds.

I Love Myself was co-written by the 10x Grammy Award-winning Khan, B. Slade and Eve Nelson and promotes self-esteem, encourages love and self-respect across all races, classes, genders, physical challenges, sexual orientation, mental illness and more.

"I love me / I know who I am / I love me / I’m in love with myself," Khan sings. "Here I stand, as a grown woman / Trying to get my mind right / Get my money right / If I don’t love myself than nobody else can."

Back in 2016, Khan released a previous version of the song and even put out a contest for fans to be able to be a part of the music video.

The music video of the new single will be out in two weeks and it will feature 10 special guest winners from the 2016 contest.

Take a listen below!


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