Listen To Alex Simmons New Single, "No Games (feat. Kortnee Simmons)"

Listen To Alex Simmons New Single, "No Games (feat. Kortnee Simmons)"

Alex Simmons is an American Singer-Songwriter, rapper, and producer best known for his incredible, soulful voice, as well as his extraordinary lyrical capability. He began singing, and rapping at the age of five and picked up the piano shortly after.

Born in New York, Alex and his family spent a considerable amount of time in Florida. It was not always easy for him to make friends, some considered him a loner; but he always found solace in his music. Starting in the church choir, often leading songs, Alex began to pursue music professionally at the age of 22 years old. Since the release of his first single, ‘Zone,’ Alex has been featured on ‘The Voice on Snapchat’ and has worked through various mediums with artist like Alic Walls, Tamar Davis, Kortnee Simmons, Cam Fairfax, Maurice Starr and more. Alex will be releasing his mixtape, ‘Don’t Forget’ on December 13th, 2019.

His latest single, "No Games (feat. Kortnee Simmons)", appears on his new mixtape "Don't Forget" which was released earlier this month. On this project, Alex touched on personal issues that he's dealt with such as insecurities, heartbreak, loneliness and betrayal. "This project was inspired by someone that I once knew", he said. "Throughout our time together, this person has opened my eyes to things that I was never able to see about myself, humanity and the world as a whole. We inspired each other to be the greatest that we can be. The title 'Don't Forget' is inspired by many great conversations that I've had with this person that I never want either of us to forget."

Listen to the latest single below!


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