Listen To Keonte's Delicious Electro-pop with Experimental Poise Single "Automatic"

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Play "Automatic" by KEONTE

Austin-based electro-pop artist Keonte drops a new single “Automatic”.The Delicious Electro-pop song paints a reminiscent and vivid picture of what it feels like to exist in the nightclub scene of the late 90s.

With gooey-pop lyrics and a dance-floor ready vibe, “Automatic” is a vibrant, fun song with a light-hearted approach to modern-day culture. The grooves and basslines are laced with influences from 90s dance tracks mixed with provocative pop undertones.


“Finishing the lyrics in the morning after a party - I thought about my generation, social themes, information - and how all of these things can affect the middle-aged millennial of today”, Keonte said of his latest release.

As a songwriter for as long as he can remember, Keonte found his path in music after going out to various local music venues and bars where he gained his affinity for art culture at a young age. This has not only affected the type of music Keonte feels inspired by but has had a direct influence on his personal style and approach to his craft.

As a festival-goer and a self-proclaimed “internet-age geek,” Keonte is driven by the motivation to speak on how to make things fitting for his generation and the future and is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.


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