Lindsey Webster Drops New Single Feat. Brian Culbertson

Singer and songwriter Lindsey Webster kicks off her 2022 campaign on the right note with her latest single, "I Didn't Mean It" Featuring Brian Culbertson.

“I am an artist…period,” declares Lindsey Webster. “I have influences from many musical genres and have been influenced by them from a young age. I believe in the power of music to empower and reach people on multiple levels.”

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, Lindsey reflects, "Having the pandemic take away everyone's collective 'norm' was life-altering. I remember there was a moment when I thought that the music scene could and would never be the same. Then, in April of 2021, I did my first show after more than a year away at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. I was nervous. I hadn't belted it out in front of 5,000 people in a long time. Then I heard the band start and I walked out on the big stage in my beautiful, flowy dress, looked out at all the people who were there, and I remembered - I remembered that I am my most genuine person and I am in my most joyful place when I am singing! It's really the most powerful antidepressant! The entire COVID experience has only furthered my knowledge of why I am here. Because of it, we are about to release my favorite album yet."


"I wrote "I Didn't Mean It" shortly after I started dating in my hometown. In October 2019, I rented a cottage in Woodstock, NY, the town I grew up in. Most of my life up to that point was spent traveling and working, so even on my time off I didn't go to the local hangs - I wanted to be home. I was also living a quieter, married life during many of those years. Flash forward to March of 2020...the pandemic shut everything down. Suddenly, I am living on my own for the first time in my entire life, I had just gone through a break-up and my career was taken away - all basically overnight. Once case numbers started going down in NY in late August of 2020, thinking I had done my time alone and I was ready, I downloaded Bumble. Went on there and found someone I had known for about 15 years. All of our mutual friends were like 'oooh that makes so much sense', and I was like, 'hmm yea, maybe!' I ended up at the time feeling very disappointed and annoyed when he didn't text or call. Although I see if differently now, the emotions I experienced during this time gave life to "I Didn't Mean It."


The stunning, charismatic and amiable Lindsey Webster’s roots span the worlds of R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz and beyond. Her flawless range has been compared to Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Minnie Ripperton, while her breezy and poetic songwriting is reminiscent of Sade. Webster’s refreshing approach has garnered two Billboard #1’s and seven Top 10’s on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart, making her the first vocalist in the format to garner a #1 since the iconic Sade. Webster is hard at work with a new album slated for release this year.

Listen below to the new "I Didn't Mean It" single below:

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