LEO THE KIND Expresses His Journey And Will Not Be Stopped By Any “FAKE LOVE”

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Showcasing the first single off his forthcoming album, ‘Sorry Mrs. Jackson,’ Massachusetts native LEO THE KIND demands serious listeners in latest single, “Fake Love”.

The upcoming single is a power anthem that’s a playlist must for this year. Leo sure as hell is not wasting any time or energy on any “fake love” and neither should you. Leo sets the scene with an upbeat, soulful rap song that will leave you no choice but to vibe and belt out how you are “not with the fake love”.


Leo sets the scene with an upbeat, soulful rap song that will leave you no choice but to vibe and belt out how you are “not with the fake love”. The chorus, verse, lyrics, and sound reveal Leo’s journey to establishing his sound and honing his craft, allowing nothing to stop him from reaching his goals. He shows us the power and integrity within ourselves to pursue our passions without any distractions or transparencies.

It is a powerful masterpiece that reminds us: if you want something, go out and get it. The sound and beat throughout the entire track is the epitome of authenticity and intoxication to match the drive in his lyrics. The song opens with a high-pitched synthetic beat and an electric xylophone accompanied with a strong electric percussion building throughout the entire song. As Leo sings about his defiance of fake relationships in order to focus on his future, the beat and sound create a deep, passionate feeling to push forward and never look back.

Not only will you be belting the chorus in the car but you may find yourself speeding down the highway as the beat strengthens and voices echo behind Leo’s lyrics.


This is nothing short of Leo The Kind’s goal for this track. “This will be the song you will sing in the car at the top of your lungs,” he says. “It’s been mine ever since we created it.”

As for Leo The Kind’s upcoming album ‘Sorry Mrs. Jackson,’ this is just one of the many building blocks to an EP album release later this year, meant for Mrs. Jackson herself -- “This new body of music tells a deeper story of my life that I haven’t really talked about: my journey of finding my sound and creating music I am proud of. My mom has been there every step of the way and I want this album to be for her. With that in mind, I found myself willing to be vulnerable in this project.” - Leo The Kind

“Fake Love” will be Leo The Kind’ s first release of 2021 and the opening single to ‘Sorry Mrs. Jackson’. After kick-starting his music career back in 2016, he is excited to continue pursuing his passion for making music that makes people feel good and shaping the way for other like-minded, independent talent. Leo’s music can be found belonging to a diverse and wide variety of music listener and fan communities. His ability to communicate and speak to his generation and others through his art is unique and not to be missed. Leo is one to watch.

Fake Love will be available on VMN Music on April 23rd.

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