Lachnes set to release debut single "In A Mood"

Lachnes set to release debut single "In a mood"

Lachnes is an upcoming alternative dream-pop artist, hailing from Ballarat, Australia. Lachnes has cultivated a dreamy aesthetic inspired by bands such as The Cure and has drawn heavy influence from artists such as Kid Cudi and Allday. Lachnes brings a new, electrifying sonic experience to the table with his catchy hooks and intricate production.

His upcoming single, "In a Mood" is an upbeat jam that draws on Lachnes’ experiences with desire, lust, and love, highlighting the joys and risks of surrendering yourself to your lover. Newport, a Perth based artist, features and enhances the unique electronic-hip hop sound of Lachnes by providing background vocals.

The instrumental created by Keanu Long, a long-time producer of Lachnes provides a beat reminiscent of "Blue World" by Mac Miller. In a mood is a fun track that draws you in with its catchy chorus, autotuned aesthetic and glittery synths. In a mood is the first single to be released off of Lachnes new ep Malfunction.

In a Mood will be available on VMN Music on October 28th, 2020

Connect with Lachnes:

Instagram: @lachnes_au

Facebook: @lachnesmonster

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