Kudasaibeats Drops New Album "Silver Lining"

Kudasaibeats Drops New Album "Silver Lining"

Vocalist/producer and beatmaker Kudasaibeats has released a new album entitled Silver Lining.

The album reflects on special events throughout Kudasaibeats’s life as a way to connect with his audience on a deeper level. Featuring a polished mix of chillwave, and hip hop, and lofi sounds, the album radiates with soothing vocals, warm guitar melodies and wide drum hits for a “perfect soundtrack for introspective evenings, late-night drives and contemplative moods” and according to Kudasaibeats, relates to the inspiration “every cloud has a silver lining.”


Kudasai’s debut album in 2017 ‘Falling’ garnered over 50 million views on YouTube and 45 million + streams on Spotify and Apple Music combined.

Kudasaibeats is the solo project of vocalist/producer/beatmaker Christian Songco. While often mistakenly characterized into the lofi hip hop genre, Kudasai’s sound is much more hi-fi and refined, twisting facets from hip hop, chillwave and lofi to create his own original sound that you can’t find anywhere else. His sound has developed further recently, with the introduction of light vocals, warm guitar melodies and wide drum hits, Christian’s music is the perfect soundtrack for introspective evenings, late night drives and contemplative moods.


Listen to the latest album below:

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