Kristina Murrell "Passion & Pain"

Kristina Murrell Slays In Latest Album "Passion & Pain"

Kristina Murrell's award-winning debut album "Passion & Pain" is a combination of genres and sonic aesthetics, most notably Pop and R&B driven by personality and innovation.

Released on Valentine's Day of this year, the album tells the story of a relationship gone awry. Although she receives creative inspiration from a number of artists such as fellow Barbados-born superstar Rihanna, Kristina combines a variety of stylistic elements to form a sound all her own. "Passion & Pain" earned Murrell the Bronze Award at the Global Music Awards in "Vocal Performance and R&B".


Passion & Pain is on another level. The Barbadian singer brought back meaning to the R&B genre from start to finish with this new album.

Kristina moved to the US at 15 to pursue her education and her dream of making music with a very personal sound. Her story quickly unfolded after she displayed her musical potential in a choir class. Soon after an audition, she signed with Global Music Award winner Sonny King and later to Music for Love International, the record label known for its global humanitarian efforts.


Listen to Passion & Pain below:

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