Keyboardist Wade C. Long Releases Four New Singles

Keyboardist Wade C. Long Releases Four New Singles

Cleveland, Ohio Sealong Music Group's artist Wade C. Long has released 4 latest singles, "Norm's Place", "Hide n' Seek", "Bulljivin", and "Since I've Found You".

Norm's Place is a sensational Smooth Jazz track, perfectly fit for your Sunday afternoon drive. It’s an ode to his older brother Norman, who Wade cites as one of his personal heroes.

"Norm is somebody who makes everyone feel at home. He speaks wisdom when he’s not even trying to, he’s incredibly humorous and he’s just really inspirational. When I started recording the piece I wasn’t sure what the song was about, but when I tried to associate the emotions with the music it was obvious that it was all about how I feel when I’m at Norm’s place hanging out."

Hide ’n Seek is a fun and danceable groove, where Wade is addressing a love interest and trying to convince them to go to the next level. “It’s unique for me in that it’s one of the few songs I actually wrote about somebody I knew for real” said Wade.“ I was getting ready for this show and I needed another song. I wrote all the words based on this girl I was interested in at the time, and recorded it that day. Later on I did this completely different track and it turned out to go perfectly with the vocal I had made earlier. Somehow, it was a seamless fit.”

Bulljivin is a throwback to early 80s Funk and Soul, reminiscent of bands like Cameo and Con Funk Shun. In Wade’s own words, “It’s a fun track for me because it takes me back to the 80’s. Me and my brothers all had hi-top fades like Larry Blackmon and some of the other guys, and used to walk around the house singing their songs and turning our hair brushes upside down, using them as microphones.”

Since I've Found You is a piano-driven ballad that celebrates love. When asked about his inspiration for the new song, Wade said "I went with the theme 'Since I've Found You' because I wanted to capture a man and woman falling in love and just the journey in that."

Wade first came on the scene back in 2011 with his debut single Enemy and released his debut EP Love Is, in 2014.


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