K. Michelle Shares 'The People I Used To Know' Track List

K. Michelle is ready to drop her fourth studio album, "Kimberly: The People I Used to Know."

The Memphis born 33-year-old-singer took to Twitter to reveal the upcoming 22-track album track listing. "My baby ‘The People I Used To Know’ is ready! My toughest decision making process ever on an album. #Rebels you ready?," she tweets.

Though there is no release date yet for the album, we sure know what to expect.


01. Welcome to the People I Used to Know 02. Alert 03. God, Love, Sex, and Drugs 04. Song Cry 05. Crazy Like You 06. Kim K 07. Takes Two feat. Jeremih 08. Rounds 09. The Bully Game Interlude 10. Either Way feat. Chris Brown 11. Birthday 12. Fuck Your Man 13. No Not You 14. Giving Up On Love 15. Help Me Grow Interlude 16. Heaven 17. Run Don’t Walk 18. Industry Suicide Interlude 19. Talk to God 20. Brain on Love 21. Woman of My Word 22. Princess Nokia Outro


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