Julia D'Angelo Kicks Off Summer With Electropop Single and Music Video "Point Of View"

Singer-Songwriter Julia D'Angelo Kicks Off Summer With Electropop Single and Music Video "Point Of View"

Julia D’Angelo kicks off the summer with her latest single “Point of View,” a soundscape of uptempo beats, dreamy harmonies, smooth vocals, light synths, and even a soft rap at the end, that questions how and why we fight in relationships.


“The idea stemmed from the notion of fighting with someone for so long, or being in a tense situation with that person for so much time, that you eventually start to forget what you're fighting about, and it all starts to feel like a fever dream,” says D’Angelo. “My dad and I had never made anything this synth-based or electronic, and we wanted to experiment to see what we could come up with. Originally, there was no rap at the end. I showed it to my mom and she was like, ‘you should rap at the end.’ So I did, which was also a new thing.”

“Point of View” was written and performed by Julia D’Angelo, produced by Steve D’Angelo, mixed by Nick Name, and mastered by João Carvalho. The track is also accompanied by its official music video.

D’Angelo is to release two more singles this year, with a handful of live shows scheduled this summer in both New York City and Toronto.


Infusing jazz-influenced arrangements, unusual rhythmic phrasings, and understated spoken word into her dreamy indie-folk melodies, Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based Julia D’Angelo is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on music and film. With an emphasis on the lyricism within her tracks, Julia seeks to defy genre-conforming rules and curate music that is both honest and authentic to who she is and how she views the world around her, which is why other people are the main course of inspiration for both her music and her films.

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