Jennifer Hudson Dropped Fire On James Corden 'Drop the Mic' Series

Think J Hud can't rap? Think again!

The Grammy and Oscar R&B singer/actress showed off her rap skills on Wednesday night on James Corden's Late Late Show in London in the latest edition of his "Drop The Mic" series.

She battled James Corden himself and trust me, it was raw and fresh.

James kicked things with a crack about how J Hud was just a tourist in his city, adding, "you remember J she got famous in the states/ on American Idol for coming in seventh place... You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls I get it/ No one remembers you in that film because Beyoncé's in it."

Jennifer fired back, "Listen London knows you James that part is true/ I can tell 'cause everyone here already hates you," she cracked back with mic skills we didn't know she had. "Your success in America brought us down to our knees/ Singing, 'London, ya'll take this fool back please.'" She topped that diss with a belly pat joke about Corden's expanding waistline. "Now no more fat jokes, 'cause it's below the belt/ I mean it though but you can't see it though, just like your penis."

Watch the battle below and leave your comments.

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