Jazz-soaked Alt-R&B Singer And Actress Siena Bjørn Releases New Single, "Easy Tiger"

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Seattle-born singer/songwriter Siena Bjørn whose music dances between pop, alt R&B and Jazz has released a new single, "Easy Tiger".

The new empowering song narrates letting women take control of their decisions, whether that be in a romantic relationship, friendship, or at work. She confides, “Sometimes I feel like people aren’t listening to you when you ask for something or say something. It’s about stepping into the alter ego and telling men around you that you are strong and smart and beyond capable and that it’s their turn to listen.”


Capturing the attention of listeners across the globe, Siena uses her distinct, powerful vocals and captivating melodies to express her feelings and experiences as a woman, while touching on self-discovery and self-love. Easy Tiger marks a new chapter for the singer-songwriter with a strong vision and identity.

Easy Tiger is a collaboration with fellow musicians Nick Booth (production) and Ben Lindenburg (saxophone). Together, the three have concocted a sexy and sultry song, oozing with Jazz-soaked melodies and glowing synths. Siena’s smooth vocal tones and angelic harmonies complement the minimalist instrumentation, while the steady pace gives the track a relaxing vibe, allowing listeners to sit back and revel in her sounds.

Multi-talented and full of enthusiasm for adventure, Siena Bjornerud is certainly one to watch.


Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Denver, Colorado, Siena began her artistic career as a tot dancing for the Maine State, Pacific Northwest and Colorado ballet companies. She is also known for her work as an actress, having trained in theater at New York University, Tisch Drama and the Atlantic Acting Conservatory. The multi-dimensional artist continues to hone her abilities as an actress in Los Angeles as the protégé of world renowned actor Dabney Coleman.

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