JAY WATTS Releases His Debut Audio and Visual EP, "ANTIDOTE"

Updated: Mar 27

Singer-Songwriter JAY WATTS Releases His Debut Audio and Visual EP, "ANTIDOTE"

The debut EP release "ANTIDOTE" was led by the lead single, "NUMB", which was written by Jacques Watkins and produced by IKXNNX and Reefa. "NUMB*"is one of those songs that the moment I heard the beat, I knew I had to record this. I really wanted to have a conversation with myself on this song," mentions Jay Watts. "This is like having your own therapy session," he adds with a chuckle.


The second single release from "ANTIDOTE" was "STEPS" and it was written by Jay Watts and produced by Pio. "The laid back and mid-tempo was inspired by me listening to a few records from the 70's and I simply wanted to bring that call-to-action type of vibe back into today's music space. Its a familiar vibe that we all can relate to," mentions Jay Watts.

A few other highlights from the EP includes the smash, "FIREWORKS". "When I first heard the beat in the studio. I freestyled all of the melodies in one take then I went on a drive playing the song repeatedly. It was a natural feeling and vibe for me. The words just came to me."


Then you have the in-your-face, "FVCK BOY". "This record means a lot to me as I feel that it's a song that is needed right now. I made this type of song as a response to some of the female R&B songs of the past few years. I wanted to tell the other side of the story as to why this person may have "hate for you" in the name of love," he adds.

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