James Aubrey 3 Releases New Single, "Love Spell"

James Aubrey 3 Releases New Single, "Love Spell"

Singer/songwriter James Aubrey 3 has released his first single of 2020 with Battl Victory Records, "Love Spell".

Love Spell is a seductive RnB track which shows off James' voice with smooth sung lyrics, and spoken word backing vocals. The track contains unique synth melodies, including a dissonant melody that runs through the song. It’s a powerful combination of themes to create a hauntingly sensual track.

James Aubrey 3 has played for national recording artists such as William Murphy, Lillian Lloyd of Ricky Dillard & New G just to name a few. He has a diverse skillset across a range of instruments including organ, piano, guitar, and drums. His influences come from a range of genres including Jazz, R&B, and Gospel.

James Aubrey 3 is a native of North Philadelphia, PA. Growing up with both parents working as Pastors, religion has played an important part in his life and music. James thrives on bringing his music to others where it will connect with them, whether that is on tour in the UK and around Africa, or over radio stations closer to home.

Stream the new jam below:

Connect with James Aubrey 3:

Instagram: @jamesaubrey3

Facebook: @JamesAubrey3Official

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