Upcoming Singer/Songwriter Eiza Murphy Makes Quick Return With "Taxi"

Irish Upcoming Singer/Songwriter Eiza Murphy Makes Quick Return With "Taxi"

VMN Music - 14/11/2020:

Irish up and coming singer/songwriter Eiza Murphy is ready to take the big stage by storm. From releasing her debut chart-topping single "Black Hole" last month to showcasing her witty lyrical style and unfiltered personality in her forthcoming release "Taxi", we will be hearing from this Irish vocal queen for a long time.

After charting at #1 in Ireland with "Black Hole", featuring on multiple radio stations, and appearing on numerous publications Eiza is making a quick return. "Taxi" is Eiza's follow-up release to her debut single, "Black Hole".

It was written after Eiza left a toxic party and touches on materialism, dishonesty, and superficiality. "Taxi" showcases Eiza's witty lyrical style and her unfiltered personality. Her emotive vocal sits on top of a minimal production that escalates at each chorus. Inspired by the energy of artists such as Lana Del Rey, Jessie Reyez, FINNEAS, and JP Saxe, Eiza’s music is narrative and evocative. She draws elements of her Irish storytelling roots in her distinctive songwriting style.

Eiza is definitely an artist to watch, taking a fresh spin on Pop music. This writer is not afraid to step outside the box. Twelve years of classical training empowered Eiza to bend the rules and norms, leading to her progressive take on writing and now her powerful second release, “Taxi”.

Eiza on “Taxi” “I started writing “Taxi” after leaving the most toxic party and thinking ‘god how do people not see through this?’. It was kind of a vent. I think a lot of people have been in a situation like that at some point and seen through the *B.S.* so I think they’ll get it. I definitely didn’t hold back.”

Eiza moved to New York, aged 15, to study Logic Pro music production at Dubspot School of Electronic Music where she was the only girl in a class of 20 men and the youngest by 15 years. Living in London since 2017, she has performed in venues such as Tobacco Dock, Battersea Evolution, and the London National Film Theatre alongside international venues such as the Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean.

Eiza is now back in Ireland and 2020 marks the beginning of her artist project with “Taxi” as her thought-provoking follow-up single

"Taxi" will be available on Thursday, 19th November 2020. While we wait, stream her current single "Black Hole" below and let us know your thoughts.

Connect with Eiza Murphy:

Instagram: @eizamurphy

Facebook: @Eiza-Murphy

Twitter: @eizamurphy

Website: https://www.eizamurphy.com

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