Interview With Rob Alexander

Updated: Mar 25

Interview With Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is a physician anesthesiologist (M.D.) and has been writing songs for most of his adult life. Only recently has he decided to enter the recording studio and record some of his most recent work.

His vocals are reminiscent of prime Elton John and Neil Diamond, as is his affinity for writing melodies and hooks. He has worked exclusively with LA producer Gabe Lopez on his debut album "Long Road Coming Home" as well as his latest album “Being Myself” released November 25, 2019. Lopez is known for producing such artists as Belinda Carlisle, Boyz II Men, and New Kids On The Block.

Rob's debut album has yielded 5 singles, all of which have been well received by critics, including the most recent single, a song dedicated to pop singer George Michael called "When I'm Gone (For George Michael)." Rob wrote the song on Xmas day in 2016 after he heard of the pop singer's passing. Rob's new album "Being Myself" features current members of Elton John's band as well as current and former members of Frankie Valli's touring band. Rob describes his style as mainly classic adult contemporary, with a focus on melody and catchy hooks.

Who is Rob Alexander?

I’m a physician by day, and sometimes night, but I’ve always had a love for songwriting and singing. My songs are melody driven, like the songs I grew up with in the 70's and 80's. Although I’ve been writing songs for many years, I’ve only written what I refer to as “good songs” in the past 5 years. This spurred my interest in recording my original songs.

As a physician anesthesiologist (M.D.), what inspired you to a musical career?

Luckily I have a primary career that affords me the time required to occasionally record my music in the studio with top notch musicians. The band members are primarily the current members of Elton John’s band, as well as a few current and former members of Frankie Valli’s touring band. The end result, with amazing producer Gabe Lopez, is a well-produced collection of songs that are performed with stellar musicians.

What is the story behind your latest project, "Being Myself" which is now available on VMN Music?

My first album “Long Road Coming Home” released in 2018 I felt may have been too heavy on ballads and mid-tempo tracks. For the “Being Myself” album I wanted to be diverse with respect to genres and tempo. There are some ballads but also some really cool rockers. The title track pretty much sums it yourself and don’t worry what others think about you. If I listened to what others have told me throughout the years, I wouldn’t have become a physician nor would I have taken on the music career.

How was your working with LA producer Gabe Lopez on this new project like?

There’s no producer I’d rather work with than Gabe. It’s such a pleasure being in the studio and we’ve recorded more than 30 original songs together so far. He’s a gifted musician too and plays most of the drums and piano on our songs.

Your vocals have been compared to that of musical icons Elton John and Neil Diamond. How does that make you feel and affect your music?

I love it! Both are my musical heroes. I would love for them to hear my music too so they can assess it. I believe we need more melody and catchy hooks in music today.

Are you currently working on any new music at the moment?

Oh yes! In fact I’m nearly halfway through recording the next album, which will be my 3rd. On this new one, there’s some funk, R&B and of course, melody driven love songs. I expect to release the follow up album in Spring of 2021.

What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far?

In terms of music, the challenges are creating the songs. Since I don’t read or write music, nor do I play an instrument, I compose all the songs in my head. It works out well since I never hit a wrong note. I compose the lyrics after I’ve worked out the melody.

Then when I get into the recording studio, I sing the song for Gabe, my producer, and he starts working out the basic piano for the songs. After a basic instrumental is completed, I record my vocal. Then later we get the rest of the musicians to play on them.

I’ve never sung my vocal parts with the band members present in the studio. They always come in later on in the process.

How do you define success as a musician?

When I listen to the song a number of times and don’t get tired of hearing it, then I know it’s a winner. Sales and streams aren’t that important to how I view success. I just want people to listen to and appreciate what I’ve done.

Outside making music, What else do you enjoy doing most?

I hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week, but that’s pretty much the extent of my leisure activities. Songwriting is very relaxing for me, although I can’t control when a melody will come to me. It just happens and I work it out in my head.

I can’t sit down and say “now I’m gonna write a song.” Melodies and ideas are always swirling around in my mind.

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time musically?

Writing and composing perhaps for film projects. Although I love being in the studio. No plans at present for live shows but you never know.

Any advice for the younger generation aspiring to become musicians?

Just follow your dreams and try to be different. There are so many songs on the radio these days that I hear and can’t tell you who the artist is. The female and male singers sound pretty much alike. Not like when I grew up and you could tell Rod Stewart from Eric Clapton and so forth.

Where can we find you online?

I have a Facebook artist page @robalexandermusic and I have a one-page site featuring my current album “Being Myself” with links to various streaming sites and iTunes/Apple Music at

Thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to talk with us today, to reach out to your fans and let them know a few more things about you and your music.

Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure to speak with you.

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