Interview With Morena

Updated: Mar 25

Interview With Morena

Morena (Cristina Bizu) was born in 1990 in Romania, was discovered by a Romanian scouting agency as a model and modeled for several years in Europe before first entering a recording studio.

She became famous by working with Tom Boxer on several dance tracks. She studied fashion design and signed 3 collections of daring outfits so far.

Hello Morena, thank you for taking the time away from your busy schedule to talk with us today.


Who is Morena the model and who is Morena the artist?

Morena the artist was inspired by Morena the model.

What was it like working as a model in Europe?

Working in different countries makes you understand a better different culture. It helped me a lot to grow and of course, the best part is that I worked with amazing artists and brands as Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

What is the music and fashion industry like in your home country, Romania?

Romania is very developed when it’s about art. We have incredible artists, that’s why Romanian music crossed the border a few years ago with the Balkan sound.

What inspired you to a musical career?

I loved music since a little girl, I even sang in a church chorus as a teenager. I think I was at the right time in the right place when I entered in the music studio with Tom Boxer.

What have been the challenges so far in the industry, music, and fashion?

In both cases, it is very important to be able to reinvent yourself and to stay focused.

Having worked with Tom Boxer on several dance tracks, what was the relationship like?

Working with Tom it’s very energizing, I think that’s why we did great work together, songs as "Deep in Love".

Cristina Bizu, your stage name Morena, how was that derived?

Well after the song Morena, I decided to keep the name. All my friends started to call me Morena.

Your latest single, "Journey" is out now and on VMN Music. What is the story behind this new single?

The journey is one of the favorite songs which I wrote in a hard time of my life. It’s about staying strong in front of darkness and being able to grow from that and not being dragged down. I also had this vision to bring the Masks in the video which represent the demons in Romanian culture to express it better.

How long have you been making music?

8 years.

How do you think you differ from other artists?

I think that I have my own story. I just want to share my journey through my music with those who can relate to it.

Who are your favorite musicians and how did they influence your music and style?

I’m a big fan of Billie Eilish, 6Lack and Dua Lipa. They inspired me to stay real and be more clear in sharing my story through songwriting.

What was the first album you bought?

Michael Jackson - Invincible.

Are you currently working on any new music at the moment?

I’m working in the studio every day for new music. Now I’m preparing my next single which will be out in March.

How do you define success as a person?

Staying real is a big success.

Outside making music what else do you enjoy doing most?

I love driving and to work out...sometimes I like to cook also (Smiles).

What do you think of the music industry in 2020?

Music is changing very fast in 2020 so you have to keep up.

Any advice for the younger generation aspiring to become musicians?

Believe, believe and believe in you!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


Just so your fans know, Are you single or in a relationship?

I’m in a relationship with music as I’m in the studio every day writing songs.

Where can we find you online?

On Instagram: morenaofficial, and on my new youtube channel Morena, where you can listen to my last single, "Journey".

Thank you much for your time.

Thank you (Smiles)

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