Interview With Kyler & Kaelyn Silas

Updated: Mar 25

Interview With Kyler & Kaelyn Silas
"We know that we have each others' backs"

Kyler & Kae Silas better known as Ky and Kae are two sisters with beautiful voices who enjoy harmonizing and making music together under their very own production company, Bequest Music.

Their current single Dreamer released in November 2018, showcased these two unique voices with the message of self-esteem, girl power, and confidence which is heard throughout the song.

We had the opportunity to talk with these two young rising stars as they took us on a journey through their music and life as teens.

Hello ladies, thank you for joining us today.

Thanks for having us!

Tell us about Kyler & Kaelyn Silas and your music.

We are sisters, who have created our own music production company, Bequest Music. We like writing songs about self-empowerment. We're not sure if it's just a phase we're going through right now, but we just like to inspire people. Kyler is 15 and plays the guitar. This past Friday (06/12/2020) was Kaelyn's birthday. She just turned 13 and she plays the piano. For the past three years we've been working with producer/artist, Jason Jet of Charlotte, NC, and attending his Young Icons Camp. There we have learned how to write and produce our own music. We are now working on our second EP. You can hear the growth on our new project. We starting to develop our own style.

How is working together as sisters like?

It's nice because we are comfortable with each other and can be brutally honest about the music. We also kind of know what the other person likes, so it makes it easy to compromise/collaborate. Sometimes Kae can be too brutally honest (Ky), but of course Kae thinks Ky's the most brutally honest. Sometimes that can be annoying.

How does being sisters affect your relationship while singing together on stage?

Well, we know that we have each others' backs. So if someone messes up, the other one can step up and cover. We also can tell what each other is thinking by looking at one other. Harmonizing comes naturally for us because we've been singing together for a while. Also, it's good because we don't even think about hogging the spotlight from one another. We've learned that's not always the case when you sing with other people.

What inspired you girls to a music career?

It all started with a talent show in elementary school when we realized we could actually sing together. It took off from there.

Being young and new in the music industry, what has been the challenges so far?

Staying on task (LOL). We're still kids that want to hang with our friends and just chill. But this hobby has become a career and we have to get stuff accomplished in a timely fashion. We also learned that making it in the music industry is hard. You have to stay persistent and focused.

Your debut EP, Dreamer is out now and available on VMN Music. What is the story behind this new release?

It was so hard to write this song initially. We knew what we wanted to say, we were stuck on the chorus. We had to really spend some time working on it, then one day it hit us. It has become our signature song. We call ourselves and fans of our music #DREAMERS.

Dreamer is being played across the country and the world in general! What has been your reaction so far-seeing that your message of self-love is being heard globally?

We were surprised and proud of the positive feedback we receive(d). It also tells us that songs don't have to be about drugs, sex, and violence to be successful. People want to hear something positive too.

You girls are super multi-talented. From playing different instruments to songwriting and producing. How do you navigate these qualities and in what areas do you strive the most?

Thank you! We both still take music lessons weekly. Perfecting our craft is important. We love to challenge ourselves by learning how to play songs we love that we hear on the radio. Ky's goal is to pick up a guitar and play anything by ear. Kae's goal is to get to a point where she can play a whole song without messing up. Consistency.

Who are your favorite musicians and how did they influence your music and style?

H.E.R. (her ability to play instruments, riff, and be so chill); Stevie Wonder (Kae knows almost every song he has made); Lizzo (she's comfortable in her own skin and her self-confidence); NAO (her music has a distinct style); these are just a few.

How do you think you differ from other young artists of this generation?

Our discipline. We don't like settling for anything other than our best. Our ability to write and produce our own music on our own music production company. We're in it for the long run.

With the global COVID 19 still looming, How have you girls managed to stay active during the quarantine period?

At first, we had to finish the school finals. Ky is plugging, she won Scholar of the Year (lol). After that, we had to complete our own studio sound booth because we were not able to go to Charlotte to finish our projects. So far we have finished two new songs that we wrote and produced in the comfort of our own home.

Amazing! Are you guys currently working on any new music at the moment and when are we expecting it?

Yes, our new EP will have five songs. We're hoping to release it in July.

Outside making music what else do you enjoy doing most?

Ky loves drawing and Kae loves reading.

Who are your role models and where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Kae says "No role models and I'm here right now (J Cole)." Kae envisions who she wants to be. She looks up to that idea