Internationally Acclaimed Songwriter And Pop Singer Mimoza Releases New Single, "Young Queen"

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Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Mimoza is known for her explosive anthems and utterly infectious songwriting.

Her latest single, “Young Queen” pays tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens,’ the song oozes with passion and determination.


After years of writing hits for other artists and receiving gold and platinum plaques, Mimoza is ready to focus further on her solo music. Her latest single Young Queen is a powerful pop anthem and meaningful record, showcasing everything that the songwriter represents - strength, vulnerability and quality. Sonically “Young Queen” bursts with soulful vocal tones, highlighting Mimoza's impressive range, while dynamic percussion elements and big, bold instrumentation create the ultimate emotional release.

The songwriter confides, “I've poured all of myself into this record and I want girls to see themselves as young queens and know their worth. If they are a little happier after listening to this or even a bit more confident, then I've done my job as an artist.”


The personal record "Young Queen" was written as a love letter to her home country and her Albanian roots. Paying tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens', the powerful pop anthem impresses with soulful vocal tones and big bold instrumentation. Aiming for the next pop crown, Mimoza is relentlessly forging her own path and not looking back. This queen is here to stay.

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