Ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM Ready To Deliver A Message-Heavy & Atmospheric EP, "Run on Sentences"

Ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM Ready To Deliver A Message-Heavy & Atmospheric EP, "Run on Sentences"

After being featured previously on VMN Music, northern California Hip-Hop artists ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM are set to release their first collaboration project; a new message-heavy & atmospheric EP titled "Run on Sentences" on January 15, 2021.

A powerful and sentimentally-driven EP, the six-track EP contains catchy melodic elements, compelling lyricism, and grasping vocals by ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM delivered over atmospheric instrumentation that provides a sense of nostalgia for their listeners. “Run on Sentences” perfectly describes the trials and tribulations, mixed with the feelings of anxiety that come across the mind of an independent artist.

The EP briefly touches on the current climate of the world as well and was completely created during

quarantine in ibeshocker’s living room in Los Angeles. Inspired by cheap whiskey and endless dreams, the duo was able to create songs like “Locked In” which is a double entendre for being locked in towards their goals in the studio, as well as literally being locked in during a stay at home order issued in their county. Track 4, “Melrose Blues” a previously released single, discuss the feeling of anxiousness you have when you are literally so close to success you can almost taste it. This song is also set to be placed on the soundtrack of a 4D Legacy Studios feature film titled “Pride Jewel” in early 2021.

This genre-bending EP merges hip-hop, trap, and cloud rap seamlessly into one perfect mixture while highlighting the beauty and sacrifice that comes along with the journey it takes to make it to the top.

Representing the West Hollywood talent collective, Open Studios, ibeshocker and Kevvie3TM continue to push the envelope through their transparent lyrics and alternative hip-hop sounds.

The two individuals met during The Cypher Factory, a radio platform hosted by KCSS 91.9FM near their hometown of Modesto, California. As they both wanted more for themselves than their city could offer, the artists truly believed that in order to achieve their goals and give back to their city in the future, they needed to grow outside of their hometown first. After ibeshocker and Kevvie3TM’s appearance on the same hip-hop cypher, the two artists instantly clicked and continued their relationship in collaboration with other talented individuals from Open Studios in Los Angeles. Writing, mixing, recording, and marketing their own tracks, the two artists combine honest lyrics with fast-paced flows and unique melodies to create everlasting relationships with their audience. The topics of struggle and anticipation accompanied with a hard-hitting alternative hip-hop production style emphasize the potential behind these two to become some of the most unique artists to enter the game.

"Run on Sentences" will be available on VMN Music on January 15, 2021.

Connect with ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM on:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ibeshocker/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kevvie3tm/

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