I Ya Toyah Explores Isolation In New Single, "Pray"

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I Ya Toyah has released her latest single, ‘Pray.’ The track, written, produced, performed by I Ya Toyah and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Palazzo at Evolution Recording is the third of five singles that compile into I Ya Toyah’s new E.P. Out of Order.

The track takes audiences through the journey of a mental landscape troubled by isolation and insanity. It begins with I Ya Toyah whispering “pray for me.” The whisper transforms into a soulful and powerful vocalization in the choruses, then explodes into an angry scream at the end of the song.


"I am an atheist, but the song and its lyrics go beyond any religion here. It is an outreach for hope — an ask for the sign that there is a future waiting for us in the times where the values we all stand by no longer define humanity,” says I Ya Toyah.

I Ya Toyah’s sophomore EP will be available on VMN Music on June 18th. She is currently awaiting new tour dates confirmations with Stabbing Westward and her Northwest US and Canadian tour, as they got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Play "Pray" I Ya Toyah

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