Hip-Hop Duo Tribe Mafia Releases Their Debut LP, "Teepee Gang"

Hip-Hop Duo Tribe Mafia Releases Their Debut LP, "Teepee Gang"

Tribe Mafia debuted their LP "Teepee Gang" in preparation for the canceled SXSW 2020 Festiva.

From Austin, Texas, Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels (real names) continue to make their mark in the music industry and it's evident in Teepee Gang as they display a wide array of sounds ranging from Hip-Hop, Rap, and even Dancehall. "Imma hustle till I can't no more", they sang on Triple Double, the second track off the new LP.

From recording songs on cell phones in their high school bathrooms to touring internationally with Hip-Hop/R&B legend, Akon, on one of the biggest stages in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the duo shows the world that the sky's the limit.

For the two, the road to success wasn’t all that perfect. While chasing their dreams with unpaid debts and college loans accumulating, Chinasa and Dashawn eventually were led into homelessness but found a very supportive community along the way. This, in turn, led them to give their support to the homeless of Austin after their music gained momentum and more opportunities began to open.

This year, they reached 1 million views on their YouTube video “Like Cola” featuring Mikey See which saw their placement on the 2020 SXSW lineup that was canceled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Be ready for more Tribe Mafia later this year.

Listen to Triple Double below!

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