Hip Hop Duo Ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM Drops Latest Single, "Melrose Blues"

Hip Hop Duo Ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM Drops Latest Single, "Melrose Blues"

Intermixing anxiety, impatience, and hopefulness, ibeshocker and Kevvie3TM’s latest single “Melrose Blues” perfectly describes the trials, tribulations, and desires to be successful.

Drawing inspiration from living around the corner from Melrose Avenue, the two artists discuss seeing the luxurious lifestyle that flows through the street daily while also hoping and aspiring to become accomplished as those they see through their music. In addition, the artists express the frustration of being locked in and focused while waiting for their time to breakthrough, therefore, emphasizing the phrase “so close you can almost touch it.”

With a fast-paced flow and truthful lyrics, the duo explicitly leaves their audience with feelings of impatience and anxiety while describing their journey of chasing their dream. “We wanted to be transparent with people who listen, not fabricate a lifestyle that other rappers are portraying,” Kevvie3TM states. “We want to create relationships with people to let them know this is all real, and that there is definitely some sort of struggle that happens while being optimistic” ibeshocker adds.

Representing the West Hollywood collective, Open Studios, ibeshocker and Kevvie3TM continue to push the envelope through their transparent lyrics and staple sounds. The two individuals met during the Cypher Factory, a radio platform hosted by ibeshocker, in their hometown of Modesto, California. As they both wanted more for themselves than their city could offer, the artists truly believed that in order to achieve their goals, they needed to grow outside of the central valley.

In addition to “Melrose Blues,” the duo is set to release two single projects for the remainder of this year, in preparation for the solo albums that they will be dropping in 2021.

Stream the latest single below!

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