H’Atina Set To Release New Single "Be Mine" February 11

R&B/Soul singer H’Atina is set to release her brand new single ‘Be Mine’, an uplifting and powerful track that is sure to get people swaying left and right next month February 11th, 2022.

With a rhythmic drum beat that brings flow and life to the song, the upcoming single ‘Be Mine’ is packed with signature R&B sounds yet intertwines with its own unique style. Fueled by uplifting grooves and instrumentals, this one-of-a-kind track packs a punch. As it transcends, it takes the listener on a journey of its own.


H’Atina’s vocals radiate throughout the song, and demonstrate perfectly the singer’s range and lyricism, pulling the listener in and leaving them wanting more. The message behind this amazing song is simple yet effective, all about love, knowing what you want, who you want, and making it happen.

After being contacted by producer SOKI, based all the way in Greece, who lives and breathes R&B music, the two instantly connected through the love of the genre. “He loves producing R&B music and he said he had some tracks I would be interested in and that he loved my voice”, says H’Atina, “So, I checked out his tracks and I fell in love with what became "Be Mine". It's short, sweet, and fun!”


Be Mine when released is set to be yet another milestone for the amazing H’Atina.

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